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Start-ups and Early Stage Companies

  • Business Plan Development and Implementation 

    • A good business plan focuses the mind and helps to secure funding and support. The business plan clarifies your business idea and defines your long-term objectives. It provides a blueprint for running the business and benchmarks to check your progress against.

    • It is also vital for finding support of your potential investors and key customers. Still, many start-up businesses are daunted by the prospect of writing a business plan. Using our diverse expertise, we assist healthcare start-up companies in Business Plan development, with all stakeholders in mind.


  • Regulatory Strategy Development

    • A clear route to market strategy is essential for successful development of healthcare-related technologies. Multiple pathways to marketing authorisation, CE mark, EMA and FDA approvals could be confusing. 

    • Our experts have worked on drug development in many therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular and metabolism, oncology, infectious diseases, neuroscience, and rare diseases. In medical devices, we have ​contributed to development of Class I-III medical devices, including wearables, software/apps, point-of-care diagnostics, and consumer health devices. We assist in developing the optimal regulatory strategy considering the market for healthcare products. 


  • Business Performance Improvement

    • Often, companies require an outsider's look to find a root cause of an issue. Our advice is aimed at creating value, accelerating growth, and improving business performance. It focuses on strategy, structure, management and operations of your organisation.

    • We idenfity issues and formulate recommendations, then implement solutions by working internally and with your clients as required. 


  • Business Development and Funding

    • ILLIRIA works closely with VCs and Business Angel Networks, such as Angels in MedCity, Oxford Investment Opportunity Network, and Maidenhead and Thames Valley Advisers. We help start-ups to identify suitable private equity partners to approach, as well as provide support in preparing a pitch and subsequent negotiation.

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