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Angel and Venture Capital Investors

  • Commercial Due Diligence

    • Finding truly innovative and commercially viable opportunities in a crowded market can be challenging, especially if one does not have all the industry insights.  We carry out due diligence and provide investors with detailed analysis of the company, market challenges and potential risks.

  • Business Plan Appraisal

    • Our expert knowledge of current healthcare challenges, companies, opportunities and trends allows to validate a business concept, assess team profile, market ​environment, and financial forecasts.

  • Strategic Advice and Non-Executive Direction

    • Using our expertise in product development and commercialization, we advise angel investors and private equity groups on building a portfolio of successful companies. 

    • In a NED role, we contribute to strategy development and provide an independent view on the management approach, resources, corporate and business development.

  • Interim Management
    • A short-term executive solution, with scenarios including change management, addressing a critical executive gap and key strategy implementation. We provide leadership when it is needed most. ​
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