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SMEs and Big Pharma/Medical Device Companies

  • Clinical Project and Program Management

    • ILLIRIA experts have successfully delivered clinical projects and programs in Phases I-IV, both locally and globally, spanning across 26 countries, with a budget responsibility ranging from £100K to over £30 million.

    • We build strong project teams, develop solid relationships with KOLs, Investigators, CROs, Academic Research Organizations, and vendors.


  • Design and implementation of Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) solutions

    • R​BM is one of our key specialties. We have developed processes, tools, SOPs and ran multiple studies using RBM in line with EMA, FDA and TransCelerate guidance. We can assist your organization in developing a robust RBM solution appropriate for your structure, pipeline and existing operational capabilities, increasing efficiency and improving data quality and oversight.

    • Read more about our RBM approach: download the article.


  • Real-World Evidence (RWE) generation studies

    • There are fundamental differences between research in a controlled environment, and in a real-world. With our in-depth understanding of the challenges, and expertise in conducting real-world research, we build solutions to address scientific and commercial objectives.

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